This program opens the opportunity for students to study fashion from top international experts and faculties, gain international exposure, and get international certification. The program itself is developed by the experts from London, Chicago, New York, Singapore, Paris, Toronto and many more!

Subject selection:

In addition to the study of style tribes, trends and current designer collections, students will gain first hand practical industry insider knowledge and insight into the many different roles of today's stylist and the various opportunities on offer - including fashion editorial, show/ catwalk, commercial work, music industry and pop promo.

Students will work towards the creation of the 'styled' image. This will include working within teams on a test shoot, to create their own fashion image within a given theme; whilst learning other facets to the role of the stylist, such as team management and the importance of 'art direction.'
Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship represents the "behind the scenes", the business side of fashion, the commercial aspect of a brand that determines its success, along with its creativity. The Course develops the relationship between the creative and business aspects within a fashion brand.

Participants in the short program for Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship will be able to opt for an independent path by becoming entrepreneurs or choose a career in one of the several departments that make a fashion brand, from buying & merchandising, through the marketing, PR & communication department, without forgetting visual merchandising and logistic. The short program will shed an introductory light on the essential elements that go into fashion marketing and facilitate participants in identifying which specific area they would like to explore in greater detail, either through a full-time study program in Fashion Marketing or through an internship in a fashion house or retail business.
Luxury Brand Management Course takes a strategic view of the dynamic characteristics and opportunities with the global luxury goods industry.

The luxury industry has doubled in size over the past 10 years, reflecting an increasingly global presence. Traditionally a sector associated with Europe, luxury brands are expanding into the markets of the fast-developing BRIC economies.

Through taught classes, projects and contact with industry experts you will develop the knowledge, insights and critical skills to make informed judgments about the strategic and tactical business activities of luxury brands.
In addition to the study of Window display, Visual Merchandising, Mannequin Styling and Store Layout principles, students will gain first hand practical industry insider knowledge and insight into the many different roles of today's Visual Merchandiser.

Get a golden chance to showcase at London Scout during London Fashion Week! Fashion Scout is the UK's largest independent showcase during London Fashion Week and its renowned for nurturing and showcasing creative design talent.




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